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Eye Exams at Southern Eyecare


Comprehensive Eye Tests

Introduction to Comprehensive Eye Tests at Southern Eyecare

We recommend all out patients undergo our comprehensive eye test. This would involve:

  • Taking a thorough eye, general and family medical history

  • Testing of vision

  • Checking your current eye prescription

  • General eye health check by looking inside

  • Checking of eye pressure

  • Checking of any signs of dry eyes

  • Checking of any signs of systemic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol

We do recommend that all patients have comprehensive eye tests. It is important that it is estimated that 80% of blindness is preventable.

Schedule of Fees

Most eye test can be bulk billed through Medicare. There are some instances where eye exams attract a fee outside of the medicare rebate but we will discuss this with you prior to commencement of testing if needed.

Provided you have optical cover, your private health insurance will offer rebates for prescription glasses, prescription lenses, prescription sunglasses and prescription contact lenses.

After each eye exam I've been told my eyes are healthy. Why should I keep coming back?

Not all eye diseases progress at the same rate. Some develop slowly so that the changes aren't easily noticed without an eye exam. Through the technology we have onsite at Optomeyes Eyewear we are able to detect and monitor before signs and symptoms appear. We are highly trained and can also detect eye damage due to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Eye Tests and Children

It's very important to have your children's eyes tested. Most of our learning comes from our visual system. If there is a compromise in a child's vision it is very possible that learning will be affected as well.

If you feel that you would benefit from our comprehensive eye tests, why not book an appointment online? We'll confirm a time and date with you after your request.

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